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Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Solutions

Our Specializations

MAR&MOR offers turnkey fire detection and suppression solutions operating as individual systems or interconnected intelligent systems. Our qualified engineers design, supply, install, and commission fire systems for your building /site.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessment gives you peace of mind that your people, property, and assets are better protected. Our fire consultants ensure you are fully compliant with the latest fire regulations in your country.

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

We design, install, test, and maintain stand-alone and intelligent fire detection and alarm systems that can be integrated with building control systems.

Fire Extinguisher and Suppression Systems

Enjoy the best possible protection for people and property when you trust our specialists to design and install your fire extinguishing system taking into consideration fire load, type of premises, and the activities carried out in them.

Hydrant & Water Sprinkler Systems

MAR&MOR provides installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance services for water sprinkler systems. Whether you need a brand-new install, an upgrade to your existing system, or a reliable maintenance contract, you can rely on us to deliver value.

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