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Building Automation & Management

Building Automation

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Improving building performance is a big lever for cost saving and increasing efficiency. We deploy Intelligent building automation systems that maximize the energy efficiency for any building type, without sacrificing comfort

Smart Buildings

Automatically control your building’s operations - including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and other systems, and benefit from improved asset reliability and performance, reduced energy consumption, and more.

Room Automation

Room automation solutions ensure that all functions in your room, such as lighting, sun-shading, heating, and cooling systems are operated as efficiently as possible to save operational costs and improve the overall space environment. We deploy solutions that cover all the customer’s requirements for pleasant working spaces and functional rooms.

Building Information Modelling

We will help you create a digital description of the physical and functional dimensions of every aspect of your built asset - enabling those who interact with the building to optimize their actions, and resulting in a greater whole-life value for the asset.

Industrial Automation

Increase output quality, reliability, and production rate while reducing production and design costs by adopting new, innovative, and integrated technologies and services. Let us help you design and deploy intelligent and centrally managed control systems to automate different processes across your factory floor.

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