Our Siemens Building Technologies Portfolio

Siemens Building Technologies is the preferred partner when it comes to protecting people and infrastructures and maximizing energy efficiency in buildings. MAR&MOR is licensed to distribute, install and maintain Siemens Building Technology Products

Building Automation & Comfort


Siemens offers a comprehensive range of building automation systems which are optimally matched so you profit from minimized installation and operating costs, and from a high level of security against failure. These systems do not allow high consumption of energy with its control approach that gives room for excellent flexibility. Products include:

  • Desigo CC
  • Synco
  • Field Devices
  • Valves & Actuators
  • Thermostats & Sensors

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Fire Safety


Siemen’s fire safety technology provides early and reliable fire detection, clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes & Intelligent extinguishing tailored to the room requirements. Products include:

  • EN: Cerberus PRO
  • UL : Cerberus PRO

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