SIEMENS Fire Safety Products & Systems

Siemen’s fire safety technology provides early and reliable fire detection, clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes & Intelligent extinguishing tailored to the room requirements. Products include:



    The Siemens fire safety system Cerberus PRO combines high safety standards and leading edge technology. The product portfolio comprises different fire control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices and accessories. It is suited for both standalone systems and extensive networks. Cerberus PRO is exclusively delivered through certified Siemens Solution Partners.

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    Cerberus PRO (UL) is an excellent and intelligent fire protection system for a variety of applications.This industry leading system ensures maximum safety and optimal protection of people and assets, business security and processes

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  • FireFinder XLS/XSLV (UL) System


    Nothing protects people and property like a FireFinder® XLS system. FireFinder XLS is an intelligent fire detection system that can be networked and configured with or without optional voice evacuation providing a survivable system design that integrates state of the art and emerging technologies.

    FireFinder XLSV delivers integrated digital voice that can make all the difference for faster and easier building evacuation. Ideal for highly populated buildings and complexes the system offers features that facilitate emergency communication.

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