Design, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning & maintenance of all types of fire alarm & smoke detection systems.

Water Treatment

We provide safe and adequate water to W.H.O Standard or to the national or local authority standard to our clients. We treat water from available source on site or drill to the water aquifer below the ground to access water for our treatment plants. Our water treatment plants can treat raw water to potable state for domestic use and to specified standard for industrial use.

Our services in this regards includes:

  1. Geophysical survey of site
  2. Drilling and development of deep or shallow borehole
  3. Water analysis of both raw and treated water
  4. Installation of water treatment based on laboratory analysis of the raw water and recommendation of the lab analyst.

Our water treatment system includes but not limited to IRS (Iron Removal System), Reverse Osmosis System, Water softening SystemOur plants treat water to ensure that the, physical, chemical and microbiological parameters of the water conforms to W.H.O Standard.