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Sewage Treatment Systems

We manage waste water from both domestic and industrial processes for our clients. Our management of waste water commences from proper conveyance of liquid and solid waste from point of discharge into our sewage treatment plants .In our plants the waste (influent) are treated to final product (effluent) to the acceptable standard for discharge into the public drain. Our plants are designed for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of waste water. They can be modified to suit the need of the client while maintaining the safe discharge quality of the effluent. The waste can be treated to generate effluent that can be either be discharged into the public drain or recycled for flushing of toilet or wetting of flowers.

The characteristic of the effluent from our plants is a minimum of BOD5 of 20mg/Land TSS of 30mg/L. A new introduction to our treatment system is the waste to biogas system .This system not only treat waste water to acceptable standard it also generate biogas which can be used for cooking, and to power generators, etc.

Our plants operate on the following sewage treatment process:

  1. Activated sludge process
  2. Extended Aeration
  3. Activated sludge and extended aeration
  4. MBR – Membrane Bio Reactor
  5. MBBR – Moving
  6. Bed Bio Reactor