We are leaders, we are professionals.
We are confident, and we uphold our reputation.

Our People

Our People are professionals.

In addition to Expertise and Ability; Confidence, Responsibility, Reputation and Trustworthiness are key characteristics of everybody who works with MAR&MOR. Professionals on site, professionals off site. In decision-making, in client communications, in implementations – every MAR&MOR representative is trained to do it the professional way. That’s why you can trust your very important requirements with us, and be at ease.

Our People are leaders.

We lead ourselves, we lead the situation, and we lead the challenges. We constructively manage our expertise and ability with our emotions and habits to consistently create the best results for every situation we find ourselves in. That is why we never panic in the face of challenges, or bulk under the straits of pressure. We question our questions, and go for the challenges before they come. We work with the future in perspective and are not afraid of change.

This is so important; every staff at MAR&MOR is trained to see the world from this view.

Now, you see why you can trust us with your Mechanical & Electrical Building Services requirements.